Through engaging, intuitive training tools.

The Shadow Box Co. has one purpose, to build better boxers by innovating proven training tools that are engaging, intuitive, and fun. Our products are designed to immediately and naturally restructure your workout, making training more productive, memorable and most of all... applicable. 

Going back over 100 years, shadow boxing is highly regarded as one of the core and most important aspects to boxing development, but is often neglected in training or performed inefficiently, resulting in a loss of form, decreased performance and even injury. 

The Shadow Box Co. is the brain child of Matt Newton, a boxer and trainer with 15 years experience at Canada’s largest boxing gym. Over the years, while working closely with beginners, competitive boxers, and even National champions, he noticed a disconnect between performance, accessibility and consistent development within current training methods. Dedicated, and passionate, Matt has one purpose, to build better boxers... each and every workout!